This is a public hearing, held pursuant to direction given at the City Council meeting on December 15, 2015, regarding the formation of and boundaries for six City Council districts to be reflected i...

List of documents:

Staff Report
List of 2 (or more) Latino CVAP
1. Final Report
1A. Recommended Plan
1B. Correspondence
1C. List of Draft Distrct Maps
1C.1 - Consultant Drafts
1C.2 - Test Maps
1C.3 - Public Submissions (A-B)
1C.4 - Public Submissions (C)
1C.5 - Public Submissions (D-K)
1C.6 - Public Submissions (L-M)
1C.7 - Public Submissions (P-W)
1D.1 - Agendas and Staff Reports
1D.2 - Minutes
1E. Outreach
2. List of 2 (or more) Latino CVAP
3. Correspondence_LULAC_OCCORD
4. Staff Report (10-6-15)