Receive and file the Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Electoral Districts ("Committee") to the Anaheim City Council, which recommends a City Council districting plan identified as "Recommend...

List of documents:

Staff Report
1. Final Report
1A. Recommended Plan
1B. Correspondence
1C.1 Consultant Draft Maps
1C.2 Test Maps
1C.3 Public Submissions (A-B)
1C.4 Public Submissions (C)
1C.5 Public Submissions (D-K)
1C.6 Public Submissions (L-M)
1C. 7 Public Submissions (P-W)
1D.1 Agendas
1D.2 Minutes
1E Outreach
2.1 Agenda/Staff Report (9/8 & 9/16)
2.2 Minutes (9/8 & 9/16)
3. Correspondences (LULAC/OCCORD)